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Angie's List, Inc. - ANGI

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  • Angie's List - Time For Plan B
    By Jeremy Blum:

    Angie's List (NASDAQ:ANGI) in its present form is a subscription model. Customers pay to access users ratings on various services such as contractors, auto repair and healthcare and give their own ratings. As of June 30, 2014, ANGI had 2.8 million members paying an average of a year. The annual fee may not seem like much, but it is a lot more than direct competitor Yelp which provides its service for free. Charging for a service given away by others for free is a losing proposition. To give an idea of the impact, Yelp grew revenues by 61% year over year in the quarter ended June 30, 2014. ANGI's revenues only grew 33%. Yelp was able to get its growth with a sales and marketing cost of 53.8% of revenues. ANGI's sales and marketing cost was 83.8% of revenues. ANGI is spending more on marketing and getting much less

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  • Angie's List: Expect A Liquidity Crisis If Nothing Changes
    By George Kesarios:

    Angie's List (NASDAQ:ANGI) is a very controversial stock. There are those who love it and perhaps more who absolutely hate it. As investors obviously we need to part ways with sentiment and focus on what might make a stock tick, in order to benefit. So looking at any stock through a sentimental prism is usually bad for your portfolio.

    There have been dozens of great articles here on Seeking Alpha, so I will not bother with the specifics of the company. But if you want to know my opinion of the stock, please consider my article from June 2013, where I said the stock should be sold short (Angie's List's Working Capital And Shareholder Equity Is Now Zero).

    Below is probably the most important chart as I see it, that should concern Angie's List shareholders:

    ANGI Total Current Assets (Quarterly) data by YCharts

    As you can see from

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  • Does Angie's List Have A Credible Evolution Plan?
    By Stone Fox Capital:

    Angie's List (NASDAQ:ANGI) is one of the few stocks where revenue is surging over 30% annually, yet the stock trades at all-time lows and low growth relative valuation multiples. The company is built on authentic reviews of local service and helps connect consumers directly to its online marketplace of services from member providers. In essence, Angie's List is at the center of the highly valued local market with no imputed value by the stock market.

    The market didn't like the Q214 earnings that missed both top and bottom line estimates due primarily to the Big Deal group of deep discounted email offerings that continued to struggle. In addition, the market didn't like the suggestion of actually lowering Q3 marketing spend dramatically below Q2 levels and actually below the levels from last year. Combined with some other moves, Angie's List is moving away from growth at all cost measures for good

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  • Angie's List cuts 97 sales jobs
  • Is There Hope Of A Turnaround At Angie's List?
    By Akshansh Gandhi:

    Angie's List (NASDAQ:ANGI) has taken a heavy beating in 2014. The stock is down 44%, and it will be difficult for the company to stage a turnaround. In fact, Angie's List couldn't meet estimates for the sixth consecutive time last quarter. It reported revenue of .9 million, which missed the Wall Street Estimate of .18 million by 1.6%. However, revenue increased 33% year over year, but the company wasn't able to cut its losses. Angie's List recorded a loss of 31 cents per share, or .4 million, which was expected to be 24 cents. Losses increased 28.7% from the previous year's 25 cents.

    Angie's List is based on a subscriber model, where members pay to access the reviews and ratings of its products and services. Hence, it is obvious that consumers expect services that are worth the money. But unfortunately, Angie's List couldn't provide services worth its membership fee. It

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  • A Comprehensive Analysis Of The Global X Social Media Index ETF And A Long-Short Strategy
    By Point Of Return:

    This article is the second in my series on social media. Its focus is to analyze the Global X Social Media Index ETF (NASDAQ:SOCL) versus its individual holdings in order to help myself and others determine an appropriate long-short strategy. This is meant to be an introductory article to those unfamiliar with SOCL and its holdings. While surely you will know some of the names that will be discussed, you may have only vaguely heard of some others or don't have a thorough understanding of their businesses. I'll bring you up-to-speed on what these companies do, as well as discuss recent events, and provide my opinion on the outlook of certain stocks. This furthers my introductory article, It's Time To Like Social Media, which examines social media market metrics and provides my outlook on the sector.

    The past few months for social media, equities have been very volatile -

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  • Where Dollars And Portfolio Managers' Track Records Go To Die
    By Disciplined Contrarian:

    In an article on Seeking Alpha on June 20, I posed some threshold questions that, to this date, I still have not heard a single sell-side analyst address with the management of (NYSE:CRCM). These questions pertained directly to:

    • CRCM's fundamental viability;
    • Whether the company has a coherent strategy, or, perhaps most importantly:
    • Whether CRCM has a demonstrable and achievable path to ever producing a penny of profit or cash flow.

    I want to be clear up front: I am neither long nor short this stock. I have never owned a single share of CRCM (which is insanely expensive to short given the tiny public float and borrowing cost) nor would I ever contemplate buying it. That said, if CRCM had listed options, I might consider shorting it and buying some out of the money call options to hedge my bet -- but, the fact is, there are no listed

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